Tuesday, 25 April 2017

PSB News – April 2017


The Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (PSB) is in the planning stages of a digitization project for the certification process. This upgrade will include creating an online database where applicants can submit their applications and supporting documents online, and candidates can submit their logs and complete other steps of the certification process electronically. A digitized database will help candidates keep track of their progress, provide clarity on the application process and seamlessly link the certification process to membership with the PTIAs.

The digitization project will also include an update of the PSB website. Over the past few months, the certification team has been tracking frequent inquiries received by staff regarding the application and certification processes, including questions about the materials listed on the website. These inquiries will help guide the development of a new website that will support planners completing the certification process by providing information in a more clear, user-friendly and accessible way.

Professional Education and Examination

The March Sitting of the Professional Examination was held in March 2017 with a total of 119 Candidates. This was the second sitting of the new three-hour multiple choice format. Details for the September sitting will be provided in the coming months. 

Accreditation Planning

We are pleased to announce that in Winter 2017, the PSB Board of Directors approved the accreditation and re-accreditation of the following programs:

  • University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts Major in Planning and Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Planning programs accredited unconditionally, for the maximum of five years (until the end of academic 2020-2021). Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved - Harry Harker, Randy Lambright and Ryan Walker (the Site Visit Team), Dr. Sandeep Agrawal and the faculty at the University of Alberta.
  • Vancouver Island University’s Master of Community Planning program accredited unconditionally, for the maximum of five years (until the end of academic 2020-2021). Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved – Kari Huhtala, Dana Anderson, and Dr. Laura Taylor (the Site Visit Team), Dr. Pamela Shaw and the faculty at Vancouver Island University.
  • Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Community Design, Honours and Master of Planning programs, re-accredited unconditionally for the maximum of five years (until the end of academic 2021-2022). Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved - Bruce Curtis, Douglas Foster, and Dr. Lisa Borstein (the Site Visit Team), Dr. Patricia Manuel and the faculty at Dalhousie University.
PSB also conducted site visits in Winter 2017 for the re-accreditation of the University of British Columbia’s Master of Community and Regional Planning, and the re-accreditation of the University of Northern British Columbia’s Bachelor of Planning. We look forward to reporting on the result of these site visits in the coming months.

The Accreditation Program Committee (APC) welcomed three new members – Doug Daniels (SPPI Representative), Quincy Brown (APPI Representative), and Virginia Maclaren (ACUPP Representative). Thanks to Dana Kripki, Jolie Whetzel, and Pamela Robinson who recently finished their terms on APC.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors met in February in Toronto to develop work plans for the implementation of its existing strategic plan. The result of this strategic planning session is a critical path for the next two years to advance the following priorities: developing a bilingual service model, digitizing the certification process, volunteer engagement and board succession planning, and communication strategies. Moving forward, the Board will work with the Executive Director to drive its strategic activities forward and deliver high value accreditation and certification solutions. We look forward to reporting further on the progress of these projects on the PSB Blog in the coming months.

The Board is preparing for the PSB Annual General Meeting (AGM) taking place on June 17, 2017, 2:00-4:00pm in Calgary, Alberta at the CIP Conference. The AGM is an opportunity for the PSB Board to provide high level reports to its members, the Provincial and Territorial Planning Institutes (PTIAs) and the Canadian Institute of Planning, on the operational, on the PSB’s strategic and financial activities over the past year. We look forward to meeting with the PTIAs and CIP!


At the strategy session, the Board mapped out priorities for the next year. The priorities with the largest financial impact include the new digitized database and expanding our bilingual services. These priorities will help create additional value for candidates across Canada.

The 2016 financial statements are currently being reviewed by an external auditor and will be presented at the AGM this June.