Friday, 15 April 2016

Update on University Re-accreditation Site Visits

We're pleased to announce that the PSB Board of Directors approved re-accreditation of the Queen's University Master of Urban & Regional Planning degree program unconditionally, for the maximum of five years (until the end of academic 2021-2022).  Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved - Dennis Jacobs, Lloyd Talbot and Dr. Sandeep Agrawal (the Site Visit Team) and Dr. Dave Gordon and the faculty at Queen's.

The site visit to Simon Fraser University is concluding today (April 15).  Many thanks to the Site Visit Team - Jolie Whetzel (APPI, Chair and out-of-PTIA representative), Ray Young (PIBC, in-PTIA representative) and Dr. Ryan Walker (ACUPP representative) - and Dr. Tom Gunton, Director of the program at Simon Fraser.

The final report of the University of Saskatchewan Site Visit Team (Ramona Mattix, Doug Daniels and Dr. Andrew Seidel) has been submitted to PSB following a review of the draft by Dr. Bob Patrick of the University.  It will be on the agenda for the next APC meeting.  Thanks again to the Team and University for turning this report around quickly!

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