Sunday, 24 April 2016

PSB Appoints New Management

The Board of Directors of PSB is very pleased to announce the appointment of Redstone Agency Inc., Toronto, as PSB’s new management services provider.  As those of you who have been following this blog and the website know, the Board issued a Request for Proposals in December 2015; after an intensive process, they have selected Redstone, who will assume their new responsibilities May 1.  The company describes itself as “Millennial-owned, tech savvy and digitally obsessed”.  The Board feels this is a good match, both for our Candidates (many of whom are, themselves, Millennials) and for the directions identified in the PSB strategic plan.

Redstone is a millennial-owned association management agency, and its leaders are well-positioned to help navigate the start-up landscape in order to help PSB grow and prosper. They have a number of contacts in the not-for-profit management, professional and legal fields, adding to the PSB network of resources and knowledge on best practices for building a foundation for any organization. Additionally, succession planning is extremely important, for any organization, in order to ensure growth and sustainability. Redstone’s leadership are actively planning for the future workforce and association members coming down the pipeline, and help any organization working with them to do the same. This includes being tech-savvy and taking advantage of digital trends. Customer service and building relationships are extremely important to Redstone, as they recognize that they are at the frontline for Board members, candidates, and the PTIAs, and can make or break an individual’s experience with PSB.

The team that will be working with PSB include Maddy Marchildon, Executive Director, as well as Taylor Weinstein, Certification Manager. A senior leader at Redstone, Maddy has worked with over twenty not-for-profit organizations. She is focused on ensuring her clients always receive advice based on best practices and brings a wealth of knowledge in volunteer engagement, CMS and website platforms, as well as change management. A bilingual member on the team, Maddy also has expertise in providing board and volunteer support and structuring the annual financial reporting systems of many organizations. Taylor is a dedicated, outgoing and high-energy team member who brings a wealth of experience to every organization she manages. With expertise in budget and critical path management, Taylor's extensive training will allow her to review and improve the current certification processes, as well as provide superior customer service to PSB’s stakeholders. Taylor also has experience in event management and fostering the relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Maddy can be reached by e-mail at  Taylor’s e-mail is

Carly Silberstein and Bailey Roth, Redstone’s co-founders, will also be contributing their expertise, energy and enthusiasm to PSB’s management.  We are excited by the opportunity to work with such a forward-looking group, and anticipate this move will result in an improvement in overall service levels to our Members, Candidates, accredited University programs and other stakeholders.

Please note that our phone numbers will remain the same – 647.317.6924 and toll-free 1.844.202.9002.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Update on University Re-accreditation Site Visits

We're pleased to announce that the PSB Board of Directors approved re-accreditation of the Queen's University Master of Urban & Regional Planning degree program unconditionally, for the maximum of five years (until the end of academic 2021-2022).  Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved - Dennis Jacobs, Lloyd Talbot and Dr. Sandeep Agrawal (the Site Visit Team) and Dr. Dave Gordon and the faculty at Queen's.

The site visit to Simon Fraser University is concluding today (April 15).  Many thanks to the Site Visit Team - Jolie Whetzel (APPI, Chair and out-of-PTIA representative), Ray Young (PIBC, in-PTIA representative) and Dr. Ryan Walker (ACUPP representative) - and Dr. Tom Gunton, Director of the program at Simon Fraser.

The final report of the University of Saskatchewan Site Visit Team (Ramona Mattix, Doug Daniels and Dr. Andrew Seidel) has been submitted to PSB following a review of the draft by Dr. Bob Patrick of the University.  It will be on the agenda for the next APC meeting.  Thanks again to the Team and University for turning this report around quickly!